Collusion or honest mistake on APFO

Now many people know that bills passed by the HoCo county council (CB60, CB61, CB62) on Monday night (11/6/2017) are invalid because when the county council voted, the bill already expired.

People are evaluating whether it is a collusion or an honest mistake from our County Council. Maybe you will never know. The fact that developers sitting in the meeting room knew the timeline very well and took pictures of the elapse of the time tell us that it is a collusion. Emails from our elected county council members tell us it was an honest mistake.

However, I wish the county council is able to correct their honest mistake and remember this is their legacy. Legacy is a word of something. When some former county council member talked about APFO and unregulated development in HoCo, it seemed the current over development was totally not her business at all. In fact, she took a lot of political donations from the developers and approved those developments. It was her legacy and she just did not care about it and now she is running for another office in the state.

Get it right, Howard County Council. The overcrowded schools need relief. The quality of life of people does matter. While attending meetings, talking with parents, watching BOE meeting online, I can feel the anxiety from many parents because of this school redistricting. Tightening APFO will help reduce future school overcrowding.  The bill failed unexpectedly this Monday.

I wish in the future, Mr. Frank Hecker will update his book “dividing Howard”. He will take a note on this drama and comment on legacy, controversy, achievement, collusion or corruption on our local elected officials. Otherwise, newcomers to the county do not know the recent history of the county, even the latest 10-year history.

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