Survey on HCPSS superintendent search

The choices are:

1.     INTEGRITY:  Honest and ethical, with strong moral principles, self-confidence and personal performance. Inspires trust and optimism.

2.     PEOPLE SKILLS: Builds relationships and interacts with others respectfully.  Develops productive working relationships to minimize conflict and maximize rapport. Presents a positive image of the school system.

3.     CULTURAL PROFICIENCY:  Responds to the challenges presented by a culturally diverse community.  Demonstrates cultural competence on issues of equitable educational outcomes and diversity.

4.     COMMUNICATION & LISTENING SKILLS: Strong oral and written communicator, willing to listen to stakeholder input. Possesses the ability to work with the media.

5.     INNOVATION & CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: Knowledgeable regarding emerging research and best practices in education.  Change agent who leads large organizations in innovation and focusses on continuous improvement efforts to enhance student achievement.

6.     STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT:  Able to enhance student performance, as well as identify and close or narrow the gaps in student achievement. Establishes a culture of high expectations for all students and personnel.  Focusses on student needs, and provides for the urgent needs of underachieving students.

7.     WHOLE CHILD & STUDENT FIRST PHILOSOPHY: Committed to a “student first” philosophy.  Creates a learning climate for student achievement and promotes positive student behavior. Addresses the educational and social/emotional outcomes of all students.  Emphasizes preparing every student to maximize his/her potential and graduate from HCPSS ready to enter the job market or begin college.

8.     MOTIVATIONAL LEADER:  Possesses a deep understanding of the teaching and learning process, and promotes the importance of providing a safe and caring school environment. Respects and inspires teachers, administrators, and staff to be student-focused and innovative. Recruits and retains high-caliber staff and teachers throughout the school system. Ensures all staff members receive relevant professional development. Selects school and central office administrators who advance the vision of the school system.

9.     COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIP & COLLABORATION: Community-focused and fosters a collaborative, positive, and professional climate of mutual trust and respect among all stakeholders – faculty, staff, administrators, students, parents, Board of Education, and community members.  Knowledgeable about Howard County, Maryland and HCPSS.  Can build consensus and commitment among individuals and groups. Establishes meaningful, long-term partnerships with a wide range of civic, community, educational, and governmental organizations throughout Howard County and Maryland. Develops and maintains a mutually beneficial relationship between the business community and the school district.

10.  LEGISLATIVE EXPERIENCE:  Can lead an organization throughout the legislative process and works with legislators on key topics.  Works cooperatively with the Board of Education and keeps members informed.

11.  EDUCATION LEVEL & EXPERIENCE:  Has a record of success as an educational leader of a large school district or other institution of similar complexity with and has demonstrated strong leadership skills in previous positions. Possesses an earned Ed.D. or Ph.D. degree.

12.  STRATEGIC PLANNING – VISION & MISSION:  Develops and communicates a vision of quality education for HCPSS students.  Implements educational priorities consistent with the interests and needs of students, staff, board and community. Develops both short and long-range district goals.

13.  BUSINESS MANAGEMENT & FINANCIAL ACUMEN: Demonstrates sound management practices, includes stakeholders in planning and decision-making. Experienced with employee representative groups/unions. Able to delegate authority appropriately while maintaining accountability. Knowledgeable regarding sound fiscal procedures.  Manages the long-term fiscal health and stability of the system.  Ensures efficient daily operations and long-range planning for the school system.

14.  DATA DRIVEN & DECISION MAKING: Clarifies the nature of the problem before deciding on an action, recommendation or decision. Generates alternatives and efficiently selects the best option based on data rather than assumptions or anecdotal input.

15.  RISK TAKING:  Calculates appropriate measures of risk when pursuing goals.  Actions are highly strategic and enhance the overall achievement of the school system.

16.  DEMOCRATIC LEADERSHIP:  Invites stakeholders to participate in the decision-making process.  Open and collegial style allows ideas move freely with open discussion.