Quick Summary of PTA meeting with County Executive Allan Kittleman

Quick summary of the questions for county executive Alan Kittleman from PTA delegates (or audiences) Monday night(4/9/2018) at Homewood center:

1) Talbott Springs elementary school changed from replacement to renovation due to state cutting the funding for the replacement. Wish the state will reverse the decision.

2) Cost of High School #13.

3) Health fund issue.

4) Why we, the second wealthy county, could not pay the capital budgets for new schools?

5) safety in school. Why put more beat cops in school?

6) Talbott Springs elementary school problem, portable classrooms

7) some community of people of color are afraid of cops. Police Department works with immigrant community and makes sure they have a voice (FIRN) and increase engagement with them.

8) lack of communication/cooperation between different agencies.

9) how community can intervene with the (over) development?
Elect people(especially county council, who controls the DPZ and laws) who agree with you.

10) school staff question

11) patrol officers are given special training.

12) zoning problem, planing board problem.

13) high school # 13 selection issue

14) transfer tax increase question. asking growing rental community bear the burden with the capital budget

15) relationship between special needs student and the police department

16) redistricting pain. Besides the transfer tax fee increase and raising developer fee(comment: which is not happening now), what else the county/community can do?

17) the state legislature changed the structure of Board of Public Works. How will than impact our school funding?