Chao Wu’s reply to Howard County Education Association

Dr. Chao Wu’s Reply to HCEA

August 2018

Howard County Education Association (HCEA) asked each BOE candidate to send them a letter focusing on past advocacy, top three issues and campaign plan for the endorsement. Here is my answer. I cut it under 200 words at the end.

I strongly urge HCEA to endorse my campaign based on my past advocacy, education priorities and campaign plan.

Past Advocacy

I have been a strong advocate within HCPSS long before running for the school board. I served on the BOE Operating Budget Review Committee (OBRC) in 2016. I have testified on multiple issues including the school calendar, later school starting times, school redistricting, bus transportation, and high school curricular setup since 2015. I have been an active participant in the CAC and in my local PTA meetings. I also testified on tightening APFO in front of the county council since I believe APFO will affect our education system significantly. In addition, I have been elected twice as a Board Member of Columbia Association (annual budget $80 millions) and River Hill Village Association since 2015.

Top Three Issues

I was educated in three different education systems, China, Singapore and USA. I believe my unique education experience and my identity as a first-generation immigrant allows me to have a new perspective on education and allows me to hear the voices of those previously unheard. I highly prioritize giving a voice to those who don’t have a voice and representing those who have previously been unrepresented.

I also prioritize creating a Board of Education that isn’t entangled in toxic party politics. I believe each board member should approach education in a nonpartisan manner and I’m here to offer an independent voice.

Finally, I prioritize recognizing that student performance is a collaborative effort between a student, a student’s family, and the school system. A student cannot perform at their best and achieve their highest potential without all three putting in their utmost effort to support the student.

Campaign Plan

My solid 4th place finish in the primary campaign speaks volumes about my well-funded and well-staffed campaign team. I have received widespread support from the community and my team continues to grow each day. It is well known that we were able to fill all 4 early voting stations with volunteers at every hour and a good number of polling places on the primary Election Day as well. I am confident that in November, I will win a seat on the board. It would be great if I could also win the support of the HCEA.