Only 100 Days Ahead

I received several campaign emails which remind me the general election will take place in 100 days. I am running for Howard County Board of Education and definitely understand the election is approaching us very soon. I have received around 10 candidate forum invitations already.

This 100-day stimulus slogan reminded me about my high school time. We had to take the College Entrance Exam to enter college. So our teachers and schools wanted to keep us motivated to get a good grade and enter college.

The following two pictures depict what happened in those tough period:

  1. Caption: There are only 100 days left before the College Entrance Exam.
  2. Caption: There are only 100 days till the college entrance exam. Let’s strive to do our best.

After I entered the college, I found I need study even harder because all of college classmates still worked very hard. And I had so much to learn in order to grow myself.

Time flied quickly. I graduated from college long time ago and life keeps moving on. Life is a process of constantly learning new stuff and growing myself.

So my friends and my readers, will you join my campaign to explore some excitements of your life? Contact A Vote for Wu is a Vote for you.