HCPSS GT Program Overview

Last Saturday at Miller Library, HCPSS GT program director Debbie Blum gave a great seminar. I learned a lot through this very interactive seminar. Here is the slide ( too large to post here)


She emphasized GT was for the program, not for labeling our kids. I totally agree with her. The program is to challenge our kid’s learning. There are around 100 GT resource teachers in HCPSS and each school has their own.  It totally depends on each school’s participation. Some schools have over 40% students taking different GT classes and some other schools have around 10% students taking GT classes.  When there is a need, the school system will try its best to meet the student need.

From Chinese teaching philosophy by Confucius, teaching should be differentiated based on individual capability and need.  Students have diverse and changing interests when they grow up. The school should find ways to stimulate those interests and motivate them.

Students have different growth path. Some students have later or slower learning curve. The GT program may put much pressure on them and hinder their capability of free growing-up. How can our school system find a way avoid such a problem?

I have reservation on magnet schools when people asked my opinion on magnet schools. I learn some lessons from what is happening in Montgomery County School System. It is better to spread resources in each individual school, instead concentrate it in only a few schools unless absolutely needed.

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