Answers to Dunloggin Community

Dr. Chao Wu’s reply 


  1. What is your opinion about need for redistricting in HC? How will you vote as a BOE member to relief school overcrowding and why?

First, I am against massive-scale redistricting. We should find better solutions which will disrupt as less students as possible. We should put our students first.

Second, the process should be improved. We need get better data. We need assign a weight to each criteria in Policy 6010 (for example, each criteria is weighted 1/13=7.7% or different weight).  However, this weight should be predefined before the polygon move. Equity, community, cost, transportation, etc , all should be considered in the redistricting process.  We should not let one single factor dedicate the outcome of the redistricting.

  1. What is your opinion on overdevelopment? Is there a need to stop it? What would you do as a BOE member to resolve school overcrowding due to overdevelopment?

I testified in front of the County Council last year at 11:30 PM and asked them to strengthen the APFO which governs the development. We need continue to advocate for a planned development such that development will be paced with infrastructure, school, and transportation support.

The school board has no control on the overdevelopment because that is the county council power. However, as a BOE member, we can advocate for better planning.

  1. You attended a BOE candidates forum at Dunloggin and learnt more about our community. How would you vote during redistricting process on Dunloggin polygons: To partially redistrict Dunloggin from Centennial School To redistrict entire neighborhood from Centennial High To keep entire neighborhood in Centennial High school Please explain why you chose your answer.

I strongly support keeping community together. Our students grow up from the neighbor, play in the neighborhood and support the neighborhood.

  1. What do you think about a concept of“development polygons” tool that was recommended by Christina Delmont-Small? Would you implement it? Please explain your answer. If yes, how?

I need carefully think of it. I have no position on the development polygon yet.

  1. There are multiple school bus routs running along Frederick road and Main street, East from rt. 29. Last two floods took place during non school days. As a board member, would you take any actions to remove school bused from flood zone? Please explain the reason why? If yes, what would you do?

Student safety will be the No.1 concern for me. I want our students who go to school safely and come back home safely. If actions are needed for school bus not crossing the flood zone, I will support to change the route of the school bus.

  1. What is your opinion on social engineering? Do you think it should be applied in our public schools? Why do you think so? (you don’t have to answer this question if you don’t want to)

Our school need educate our students and make sure they learn something in the school and grow themselves along the years.  Every student has their own potential and the school system needs try their best to help them to achieve that potential.

School can’t do it alone. They need help from the families and the communities.

The school could not dedicate the success of each student, but should strive their best to provide the opportunity for them, or build the bridge for them to succeed.

  1. What do you think about having children with different levels and abilities? Do you think all kids should be at the same level or is it ok to develop gifted children? What would you do as a BOE member?

I believe we should educate our children based on their need and their capacity. There is a balance of both. We need educate our student to fit their capacity and meet their needs.

I support to strengthen the GT program. GT is for the program, not for labeling students. Our students have the need for differentiated learning experience.