APFO Overview_2019_1_12

This is the APFO overview presented to HoCo State Delegation Work Session.

Some slides :

  • Each year a 6-year capital improvement plan (CIP) is adopted by the County Council
  • The CIP covers roads, schools, fire, police, parks, libraries, community college, water and sewer, stormwater, and other county facilities
  • Based on general plan and individual department plan objectives
  • There are 3 test associated with APFO – 1) Allocations, 2) Schools, 3) Roads
  • Allocations test is conducted at initial plan stage approval
  • Schools test conducted once plan has allocations
  • For roads test, traffic study must be conducted, and adverse impacts must be mitigated by developer

Recent changes to APFO

  • Major change is lowering capacity utilization rate to 105% for ES, 110% for MS, and added HS test at 115% — effective in July 2019
  • Other significant changes include:
    • exempting moderate income housing units from needing allocations
    • a stricter roads test
    • adjusting allocations in the Growth & Revit. and Est. Comm. areas and eliminating shared pool
    • allowing the County Council by resolution to exempt LIHTC projects from Schools Test

Here is the heat map for future development. Look at those blue dots scattering around.

development heat map

The presentation is attached here:

Howard County Delegation Meeting – APFO Overview