My updated redistricting plan

Here is my updated redistricting plan. This is a working process for the whole redistricting. I will update it again based on October 30’s board discussion. Please share your feedback with the board at Since the board is testing different scenario, please share your thoughts how/why your polygons should not be moved. If you can provide alternative movements, that will be great. My plan is just one of the plans and the board will reach its own plan through work session. I am glad that the board are working together during the process for a better result. It is a consistently involving process, just like all redistricting processes before. Unfortunately this creates a lot of pressure and stress on many parents and community.

I take this task very seriously. Unless there is a definitely need and a right move, I don’t want to move students any all. I still want the students being moved to go down.

Here is the presentation comparing three plans: Dr. Martirano’s plan, Board Member Ms. Mallo’s plan and my plan.

My plan moves less students, moves less walkers, moves less polygons, spends much less money and achieves similar school utilization, feeder and social-economical balance. Still, I want to minimize student movement.

Here is the updated slide.

Here are the moves:

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