2021-2024 HCPSS capital project consideration

There are four scenario HCPSS is considering now, among HS 13, Systematic Renovations , Hammond High Renovation/Addition, Talbot Springs Replacement. Please see the tables attached. These were shared with the county council this Monday morning.

Important factors in the funding of a State CIP are:

  1. Local funding is required up front due to the reimbursement nature, even on projects where a local match is not required,
  2. State funding currently is a reimbursement of 55% of eligible costs of construction costs only,
  3. All costs outside of construction (planning, design, engineering, acquisition etc.) for eligible projects are 100% locally funded,
  4. Not all line items within the local CIP are State eligible and those projects therefore are 100% locally funded. Examples include relocatable classrooms, site acquisition, school parking lots, playgrounds,
    technology, and planning and design.

Based on what we are now, we need move forward HS 13 and Systematic Renovation. Depending how much extra money the county can give to HCPSS, HCPSS may move forward with the other two projects.

Please advocate and ask the county executive and county council for support. Unfortunately the fee from the increased development impact fee will not be materialized until next year, otherwise it will be able to fund more needs for HCPSS.

Some other public communicated letters between BOE and the County Executive are attached here for reference too.