2021 HCPSS 30.9 million dollar budget gap

We are grateful that the county executive Dr. Ball recommended a funding level of $620.3 million, which is 2.7 million above the MOE formula and another 6 million dollar one time funding to reduce the health fund deficit. The total increase of funding is 13.1 million more than FY 2020 approved budget. Note the MOE is using last year’s student enrollment number, which is around 800-1000 students less than the real student number. This translates to 10.8-16 million MOE funding shortage (assuming per student spending 16k a year).

So there is a gap of 30.9 million dollars between the board approved 2021 operating budget and the county executive proposed funding, while assuming the state funding will not decrease.

As quoted in Baltimore Sun article, I said:

with such a dramatic gap between the need and the reality, all stakeholders, including the school, the county government, the county council and the community, need to prioritize our spending and change our spending habit.