(2) 2020 Interview With Robin Robinson, River Hill High School

Live now: I am starting a youtube channel by interviewing HCPSS graduates.

In the second episode, Ms. Robin M Robinson, graduated from River Hill High School in 2018. She is a junior in Harvard University, studying statistics and economics. She played volleyball in RHHS and continue to play club volleyball. She practices taekwondo for more than 10 years. She talked about her challenges in high school. She appreciated the peer pressure for excellence. She emphasized the importance to have a good relationship with teachers. She also advices trying to be well rounded in the high school. She shared some experience while her guidance counselor was not aligned with her ambition in college application, she listened to herself and applied to Harvard University and got accepted. She also shared her experience as a bi-racial child and felt uneasy in the school, advocated for more education for our students at young ages. For the college life, she felt a little uneasy when she changed from pre-med to other career path. However, she feels there are so much to do and so many possibilities for her. She said: don’t worry about making friends in college. You will have new friends, even though you had more freedom in high school.

If anyone wants to be interviewed, please contact me. Thanks.