2023 National AI Scholarship for Howard County Public Schools Students!

2023 National AI Scholarship for Howard County Public Schools Students!

The 2023 National AI Scholarship is alive! Encourage your students to apply!

Hi Chao,   We are excited to announce our 2023 National AI Scholarship Application is now LIVE! Share this email with your students and encourage them to apply! This is quite a time-sensitive opportunity as the deadline for the scholarship is 11/29/2022 (in 10 days)!   With instructors from Stanford, MIT, and Carnegie Mellon University, Howard County Public Schools students can jump into the world of AI, gain real hands-on experience, develop creative projects and boost their competitiveness on their college applications and on the job market! I chatted with 20 school districts last few weeks, and this scholarship opportunity is the number one request from the educators and administrators!   I myself am from a low-income family, and I know how much this can help. So far AI Camp has given away almost $1 million in scholarships to students. Please let your students and faculty know about this. They will thank you.   Click here to access the application form! Oh also, here is a flyer for you to share with your students. Please let me know if you have any questions. Happy to answer them.   Best,   Michael   Michael Ke Zhang (Linkedin Profile) Co-founder and Chief Instructor at AI Camp AI Camp – learn AI with zero coding experience Read about our latest blog posts about AI on Medium Watch our Intro to AI at Youtube. (626)688-7921   AI Camp, 2627 Hanover Street, Palo Alto, California 94304, USA, 650-436-4477 Unsubscribe Manage preferences

Delayed reward

The  algorithm backing Google’s AlphaGo which beat all top human “Go” players is called reinforcement learning.  There is a concept called “delayed reward”. This idea is very interesting and shares some analogy with human’s intelligence handling process.

Delayed reward asks the agent/action to think about the objective in a little longer (at least not the next step) term, not instantaneous. Thinking about today’s social media,  which is a a quite contradictory. The social media is a great way to communicate and gather information. At the same time, it puts a lot pressure for a quick response and a fast judgement. There is no much time thinking of delayed , but more accurate response in some cases even before all the facts are gathered or the truth is known.

For a normal human who always looks for a short term, instantaneous reward will have difficulty handing failures, barriers and hardships. It takes courage and persistence to prevail under hardship since reward probably is not at the near horizon for a long time. We need always stay optimistic and put our hope and faith high.

In the algorithm, it is always consistently monitoring the output, computing the reward, thinking of the next action. Constant feedback into the system will help the system to gather information and improve the decision making process.