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Question: What are Delegate Chao Wu sponsored bills?

Google Bard answer:

Delegate Chao Wu has sponsored a number of bills during his time in the Maryland General Assembly. Some of his most notable bills include:

  • HB0598 – Education – Funding for General Education Programs – Definition Alterations: This bill would change the way that the state funds public schools. It would direct more funding to schools with high concentrations of poverty and English language learners. (Comment: the second sentence is wrong. The bill focuses on correcting the undercount of student enrollments in our current funding formula)
  • HB1195 – Development Transparency Act of 2023: This bill would require developers to disclose more information about their projects before they are approved. This would give the public a better chance to weigh in on development plans. (Comment: I even did not think about the advantage in the second sentence)
  • HB0213 – Election Law – Local Public Campaign Financing – Boards of Education: This bill would allow local governments to establish public campaign financing programs for school board elections. This would help to level the playing field for candidates and reduce the influence of special interests. (Correct)
  • HB0244 (SB0253) – Estates and Trusts – Registers of Wills – Electronic Filing and Signatures: This bill would allow registers of wills to accept electronic filings and signatures. This would make it easier for people to handle their estate planning matters. (Correct)
  • HB0325 (SB0390) – Provision of Veterinary Services – Practice of Veterinary Medicine and Rabies Vaccines: This bill would allow veterinarians to provide certain services, such as vaccinations, without a license. This would make it easier for people to get their pets vaccinated. (Correct)
  • HB0342 – Environment – Plastic Products – Postconsumer Recycled Content Program: This bill would require manufacturers to use more recycled content in plastic products. This would help to reduce pollution and protect the environment. (Correct)
  • HB0347 – Attorney General – Climate Change Actions – Authorization: This bill would authorize the attorney general to take legal action against polluters and other entities that are contributing to climate change. This would help to protect the environment and the health of Marylanders. (Correct)
  • HB0383 (SB0109) – Interagency Commission on School Construction – Systemic Renovation Projects – Eligibility: This bill would expand the eligibility criteria for the Interagency Commission on School Construction’s systemic renovation program. This would allow more schools to receive funding for renovations. (Correct)
  • HB0488 (SB0482) – Janet L. Hoffman Loan Assistance Repayment Program – Mental Health Professionals in Public Schools: This bill would create a loan assistance repayment program for mental health professionals who work in public schools. This would help to recruit and retain qualified mental health professionals in schools. (Correct)
  • HB0525 – Education – School Safety – Threat Assessment and Intervention: This bill would require school districts to develop threat assessment and intervention plans. These plans would help to identify and address potential threats of violence in schools. (bill number and bill title does not match)

These are just a few of the bills that Delegate Chao Wu has sponsored. He is a strong advocate for education, economic development, and environmental protection. He is committed to working with his colleagues in the Maryland General Assembly to build a better future for all Marylanders.

ChatGPT answer:

As an AI language model, I do not have access to real-time information on the current legislative activity or sponsored bills by Delegate Chao Wu. However, I can tell you that Delegate Chao Wu is a member of the Maryland House of Delegates and represents District 42B, which covers parts of Howard County.

To find information on Delegate Chao Wu’s sponsored bills or legislative activity, you can visit the official website of the Maryland General Assembly, where you can search for bills by sponsor or delegate, view the status of bills, and access other relevant information related to the legislative process in Maryland.

Test date: 4/24/2023, 10:46PM.