Issues in our neighborhood

We have many residents who voiced their concerns when four county councilmen and councilwomen had a town hall meeting at the River Hill. As a council representative to the Columbia Association, I have kept receiving many residents’ concerns related to the following issues:
1) Adding a new traffic light between the Linden Linthicum Lane and Clarksville Pike,
2) Realigning the Shepard Lane at the intersection of Clarksville Pike,
3) Rejecting the construction on the Donaldson funeral home
Not sure how exactly or how soon any issues will be addressed. We just need keep pressures on elected officials.

You can voice your concerns and sent email to the following recipients:

 Howard County Dept. of Zoning: and

County Executive:
River Hill Village Board:
Board of Education: and

Your inputs will be greatly appreciated and hopefully our residents’ opinions will help the officials make the proper decision on these key issues. If you do not do it now, after new constructions are finished, it will be even more difficult to have any changes to accommodate residents’ reasonable request. It is never too late to email or call our elected officials.