2023 HCCA Annual Meeting on June 13.


ALL,Your Ledo’s Pizza will be waiting for you this Tuesday, 13 June at the Hawthorn Center starting at 6PM. Thanks for the many who have registered to our Howard County Citizens Association, HCCA Annual Meeting.

For those who haven’t you can go to our website at https://howardcountyhcca.org/ for further details. Our Event will also be conducted virtually. This is your opportunity to ask any questions and provide suggestions for potential improvements regarding our County and State.

We are honored to have as our Special Guests the following:

County Council Members: Deb Jung, Liz Walsh

State Delegates: Vanessa Atterbeary, Jen Terrasa, Chao Wu

Stu Kohn, HCCA President

BWI noise update to the HCCA membership

BWI noise update to the HCCA membership and listserv.

Important opportunity for Citizens to comment on over flight noise.

The Federal Aviation Administration has posted an opportunity for citizens to complete a survey and provide comments on current policies and the use of DNL to measure noise. Recommend you use this link http://www.faa.gov/noisepolicyreview for a review a Webinar related to this request for input. You can view a past Webinar from May 16th

The text below is from the FAA and was provided by Senator Van Holland’s’ Office passed onto the BWIRT.

On Monday, May 1, 2023, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will publish in the Federal Register a Request for Comments seeking public input on four key considerations of its Civil Aviation Noise Policy. The FAA is asking the public for input regarding how the FAA analyzes, explains, and presents publicly, changes in aircraft noise exposure to affected communities. The posting of the Request for Comments will start a 90-day comment period during which the public can share their input by submitting a written comment to Docket FAA-2023-0855 at http://www.regulations.gov. The comment window will close on Monday, July 31, 2023.

The Request for Comments builds on and responds to public feedback on the FAA’s January 13, 2021 Federal Register Notice. That Notice provided an overview of the FAA’s noise research portfolio and sought input to assist the FAA in assessing how resources should be directed to better understand and manage the factors underlying concerns from aircraft noise exposure. The resounding theme of comments filed in response to that Notice requested that FAA begin the process of updating its noise policies, rather than wait for the outcome of ongoing research efforts.

The FAA is committed to providing ample and meaningful public engagement opportunities during the public comment period. We have scheduled a series of four webinars between May 16 – 28 to provide stakeholders an opportunity to engage with us on this topic.

We have launched a project website at http://www.faa.gov/noisepolicyreview, which will provide updates, resources, and access to webinar recordings. We will also soon launch a Spanish language website to expand our outreach efforts. We look forward to your participation and engagement with the Notice.

Maryland Bills SB 162 and HB 204 pass to amend the Maryland Aviation Commission

SB 162 sponsored by Senators Lam, Beidle, Elfreth & Guzzone https://mgaleg.maryland.gov/mgawebsite/Legislation/Details/SB0162

HB 204 sponsored by Delegates Hill, Bagnell, Chang, Feldmark, Grossman, Guzzone, Lehman, Ruth, Terrasa and Ziegler. https://mgaleg.maryland.gov/mgawebsite/Legislation/Details/HB0204

LINK to Post passage text for the Bills

2023 Regular Session – Senate Bill 162 Chapter (maryland.gov)

Synopsis of the bill \Law provided by the BWIRT:

This legislation will modify the requirements of the established Maryland Aviation Commission to assess and mitigate negative impacts of aviation traffic at BWI Marshall. The legislation will require the Commission to establish policies based on accepted scientific research on creating and maintaining healthy and livable communities, consider information and advice from community stakeholders. The law will require that four (4) of the total of twelve (12) appointed to the Maryland Aviation Commission members be from Howard and Anne Arundel County appointed by State representatives. The BWI Roundtable would like to be a part of the vetting and recommended to the state representatives the candidates for appointment, to ensure a track record of advocacy and knowledge in airport impacts on surrounding communities.

NextGen flight path update:

The BWIRT (D.C. Metroplex BWI Community Roundtable) has been meeting with FAA and MAA representatives to establish new flight procedures for departures and arrivals. After many hours of review and input from the BWIRT Technical committee, the proposal for departures is expected to be implemented in June of 2024. BWIRT members are the only civilian group to be able to visit and meet with FAA engineers to suggest and influence changes to NextGen flight paths. The new flight procedures will create 2 flight paths from runway 28 the East-West runway and runway R-15 that affects Howard County. The FAA originally proposed this plan back in 2017 -18 to the BWIRT and it has taken this long to have FAA review the proposed changes and vet them to be published for the airlines and pilots to go live. The two flight paths will create roughly a 70-30 split of the traffic leaving BWI over Howard County. There also a change to the flight procedure way points to adjust traffic to follow a path representative of pre-2015-16 NextGen implementation. This was done to give some flight dispersion and relief to the areas of Howard County that are currently receiving constant over flights.

The link below is to the MAA slide presentation to the BWIRT describing the notational new departure flight path changes for runway R15 and runway 28. Go to page 17 through page 30 of the presentation to review the existing and future flight paths. This is the latest example available of the changes the FAA would implement in 2024 for departures from BWI.

120418_FAA-Proposed-Procedure-Analysis.pdf (marylandaviation.com)

This is a link to the MAA\BWI community website where you can find all the Round Table, FAA and MAA meetings and correspondence. You will also find reports on noise and how you can track and place a noise complaint.

Film screening invitation: The Mississippi Delta Chinese

Screening of Honor and Duty: The Mississippi Delta Chinese

Hosted by Chinese American Parent Association of Howard County and Howard County Chinese School

Time: 12:00- 2:00PM Sunday, May 7th, 2017.

Location: Howard Community College, CL Building N220.

The film tells the story of the early Chinese immigrants to the Mississippi Delta during the 19th century; then it explores how the community steadily grew in the early part of the 20th century, as Chinese families across the Delta opened grocery stores that served both the black and white populations. Subsequently, it reveals how 182 Chinese men from the Delta participated in all aspects of the US war effort in WWII, shows the transformational nature of their participation in the war for the development of the community in the decades immediately after the war, and concludes by documenting the contributions of the Chinese Delta families to the state of Mississippi and beyond as their children became doctors, dentists, pharmacists, and many other types of professionals in the contemporary era.

A preview of the film can be found at https://www.heritageseries.us/honor-and-duty/
Part One 1870 to 1940 – How Chinese first came to Mississippi

Part Two 1941-1945 – Chinese WWII veterans and their families

Part Three 1946 to Present – Chinese as part of the social and economic fabric, custom and culture of Mississippi.
This is an excellent documentary for adults and older kids (middle schoolers and above). Come to learn our immigration history, understand issues of today, and our future in this culture and land, and support this filmmaker who spent her own funds and used her resources to produce this excellent documentary.


大家都知道密西西比三角洲曾经是美国种族冲突最严重的地方。可是你是否知道,从上世纪初开始,这里就一直生活着一群华人? 他们是什么样的一群人,怎么样在这里谋生,如何在这片异国的土地上扎根?你是否知道他们在第二次世界大战中为美国效力?

本 片描述了密西西比华人移民跨越150年的历史。影片历经制片人Samantha Cheng 多年的资料收集,呈现出当年在肤色隔离和排华法案环境下那批华人的生活状态,以及他们通过经营杂货店,参加二战,自主办学,跟白人和黑人交朋友,最终赢得 当地社会的尊重的历史过程。影片结尾展示这批华人的后代作为professionals对现代美国社会的贡献。

这是一部非常值得我们观看和 思考的纪录片。制片人Samantha Cheng会来主持放映和随后的Q&A. 诚邀您携家人于5月7日星期天中午12点来HCC CL Building N220教室观看。让我们一起了解华裔美国人在美国的成长和奋斗史。让我们一起了解华人对美国社会的贡献。同时也请大家来支持Samantha的努力和付 出。