Education and Casino

It is strange to put them together. Right? That is how it is ended in Maryland. We build casinos to support education. As some politicians point out , there is always lack of money to support education.

In many elections, the politicians and casino companies campaign for those wonderful things casinos can do. Our education do not have enough money and casinos are good places to get money.

I believe more people are aware that casinos actually hurt those people who we should help. The government is adding the damage.

I am wondering one day in the election there will be a vote like the following:

Our troop do not have enough money. Can we build a gigantic casino to attract aliens from the Moon, from the Mars, even from the Sun ?

Even with CA, I keep seeing casinos in many activities. Some casinos are sponsoring certain activities. I am not sure how much they paid to CA or how much CA actually benefited from these kinds of partnership.