The man walking lonely along the Clarksville Pike

From the cold winter to the hot summer, I always see an old man walking along between Ashton and Clarksville. He is walking to work.  He is old and seems alone. The Clarksville Pike there is really narrow and has only two lanes. It is a little dangerous to walk in the side line.

One morning, there was very few traffic and I made a U-turn and stopped in front of him. I asked him whether he wanted a ride. He said thanks and he would reach his workplace shortly.  Then I said “have a nice day” and drove back to work as usual. That was the only encounter I had with him.

Today I saw him with a red-shirt, walking lonely at the narrow 108 again. I am thinking whether I can or I should start a kickstarter project and help him buy a car. I always respect and admire people who are working hard to make a living, to change the status or to make the best of their lives.