Pot, Opium and Heroin

Tonight I heard an NPR program interviewing a lady, talking about the war on drugs. Whenever I heard the word opium, I thought about the Opium Wars–the evil wars brought by Great Britain in 1839 and 1856 and caused China to a down spiral for more than a hundred years.

Now the US is plagued by opium and other drugs. Around two weeks ago when I listened to Hillary’ campaign in New Hampshire, for the first time I knew the opium problem was really serious. After tonight’s NPR program, I am more worried.

Last time when I walked out of the CA headquarter after a meeting and smelt something different , N told me it was pot. It was the first time I smelt it, although it has been widely discussed in the media. Pot seems everywhere now.

It is the family, education and society together to curb the drug abuse. We should put prevention, pressure, shame and penalty on the heroin use. After somebody took heroin, it just destroys a person, a family, even several families’ normal life. There is no go-back strategy for the heroin use.

However, there is a trend in the society that pot is fine, and opium use is not your fault. This kind of attitude will lead to more drug abuse for sure. For kids from really rich families, they will be fine since their families can help them. For other kids, it will be lethal. It is NOT fine to try even a little bit. It is fine NOT to try it at all.

It it COOL, NOBLE and FASHION not to try drugs. These ideas should be flashing in kids’ circle.