Work, family and volunteer

A week ago when I met an old friend and he asked me: it seemed you had many volunteer work in CA, how did you handle them?

It is actually pretty challenging for me sometimes. So I have to optimize my time.

I put work and family first. I love my primary job and enjoy solving tough problems.  Right now, I am learning deep learning” this week and try to apply that to my work. It is amazing to know that computer programs with this technology can recognize images better than humans now. And I also need the salary to support my family. So I try my best to handle work-related stuff in the company and read personal email during lunch time. After returning from work, I spend all time with the family until they go to sleep.

Then after that, I am on my own. I spent some time reading news, especially technology, reading some work related stuff too just to refresh myself. Then I handle everything else, writing an article for the newspaper, researching some social topics I am interested in.

Some volunteer work, such as Board of Director of CA, is not so daunting. I need to listen to staff’s presentations, read CA’s reports, and meet some other BODs at weekend. At the same time, I will always tell local residents that I am their representative and would like their feedback on CA’s work. I think efficiency is the critical part.