CA board meeting summary of 2018-4-26

Resident SpeakOut:

Ingrid Pyne : Oakland Mill Village, worked for(former employee) the Spa at the Haven on the Lake,  talked about the legal dispute between CA and the Still Point Spa.

Jeff Dumber: talked Patuxent trail, the newly proposed Guilford Self Storage place will negatively impact that.

Richard Brigs,  talked about the Patuxent Trail, negatively impacted by the proposed Guilford Self Storage.

Harry Dunbar, democratic county executive candidate, asked to keep neighborhood centers.  The Rouse vision and spirit should be kept.

Keith Heilvel: support beer on Fairway Hill Golf court

Ken Walsh:  talked about the debate whether beer cart should be allowed on Fairway Hill Golf Court

Chris Alleva: Guilford Self Storage was zoned on M1(was zoned in 1948). NT zone is allowed for better control.  Commercial covenant enforcement issue.  Zoning capability sometimes is handled as administrative power which is not right. Zoning power should be handled legislatively by the county council.

Jerry Hukman, talked about Patuxent trail problem.

Ruth Hughes, Moms Demand Action of Howard County( each county has one moms club in Maryland), advocating reducing gun violence.

Ginger Scott, against selling beer on the cart.  She mentioned an old and outdated law from the liquor board (1996-1-17).

Joel Hurwitz, talked about Guilford road development issue,  sign issue,

Lewis Shipp: 79 houses around Fairway Hill Golf Court, 2/3 of people bought the house when the golf court would be built.

Jen Hayashi:  support selling beer at Golf Court

Bill Harrls, Vice chair of green committee of Columbia Association, support selling beer

Whitney Schreiber. talked about her concerns with neighborhood center closing.

Nicole Huber, talked about her experience about community center. Community center is as important as supreme court to serve different residents.

Peter Barners, talked about Patuxent trail. 2500 people signed a petition to change the Guilford Self Storage entrance to the Guilford Road side.

Christiana Rigby, on Kings Contrivance board, CA should work with the village together on the discussion of Guilford Self Storage.

Kelly Zwada, Wilde Lake, talked about valuable contribution from the community center.

Bob Sumers, enjoy living close to the golf court.


Board Chair remarks: CA got an energy start award. Athletic Club will be closed on April 29th.

Board Vote:

  1. The Board approved Liyang as Columbia’s fifth sister city unanimously ( Gregg is absent)
  2. The Board approved selling beer on the cart at Fairway Hill Golf Court unanimously ( Gregg is absent).

Board Discussion:

  1. Patuxent Trail at Guilford Road: There is not land easement request from the developer with Guilford Self Storage.
    1. From DPZ director Valdis Lazdins: It is outside parcel. It is not New Town Zoning such that basically the developer can do anything they want. CA has no leverage on them. County government has few leverage on that either. The old Guilford road was used by previous owner to access his property. The county government proposes multi-modal trail along that section of trail (estimated cost 200k. From David Lee, the County has some left-over money available for this proposed multi-modal trail already).
    2. Jen Teressa, council woman, talked about her ideas how to change some laws.
  2. National Gun Violence Awareness Day Proclamation.  The board voted to waive the 3-reading requirement for this motion and proceeded to approve this proclamation.