“Dividing Howard” by Frank Hecker

I just finished reading the book “Dividing Howard: A history of CoDividing Howardunty Council Redistricting in Howard County, Maryland” by Frank Hecker.

The book is well written such that you can read it through fast and are not bothered into the details, still get enough understanding on how Howard County evolves over the years. It is the population which drives the changes and it is the population who are the master of the land.

You can get it from Amazon at $0.99. The link is http://www.amazon.com/Dividing-Howard-History-Redistricting-Maryland-ebook/dp/B006IBW4MW

It is also interesting that many names along our highway repeatedly mentioned in the book.

The author Frank Hecker wrote many articles using public data to inform residents. His website is https://civilityandtruth.com/.  They are a fun to read.