rain tax and CA’s storm water management

I voted to support the rain tax as a CA board of director since there are more than 10 millions storm water management cost waiting for CA if the county does not take the job.

However, personally I don’t like the rain tax and want it to be repealed. I know it is really, really difficult to ask the government to stop collecting money from us after it began to do so.

It was actually not a tax, but a fee. The previous governor who supported the fee, realized it was a little shameful to add a new tax to our residents. They called it a fee.

This is just like United Airlines. They do not raise the fee on the air ticket, instead they created all kinds of fees: late fee, leg fee, luggage fee, insurance fee etc. They earned more money from fees than the actual air tickets.  When I first heard the leg fee, I was really amazed by the creativity of the airline industry.

Anyway, how did they handle the storm water before this new fee?

If they really need money separately for the storm water management, just raise the tax.  Don’t hide behind those fees:

  1. rain tax,
  2. carbon tax (we already have it),
  3. over-sized body tax. Some airlines may charge more to people who are over-weighted.
  4. oxygen tax, etc
  5. head tax, for example if somebody’s head is over-sized, you need pay for the extra little space when you are live.

If they need raise tax, just raise it. Don’t hide behind fees. I don’t mind paying more if it can be justified.

rain tax