Noodle Company opens at Columbia Mall

A good restaurant can define a neighbourhood. That is the reason that I really hope we have more restaurants in Clarksville.

This is probobly my first food review. Got an invitation from HoCo blogger group. Thank Ms. Jessie Newburn’s effort.

We ordered Pad Thai with Tofu and spaghetti and meatball for kids. The food looked well prepared with a good presentation. I love the bowls too. The desserts are pretty decent. My daughter loved the cakes and I love the rice cracker balls. The meal size is propper. I felt full after the lunch.

The only drawback is that they put some suger in the noodle. I was never expecting that. I tried my daughter’s spaghetti and it seemed there was not so much suger there. So they may think sugar is a part of Thai noodles.But that is wrong.

Thank you. Good luck for Noodle Company.