it’s clear Beijing is Silicon Valley’s only true competitor

This article is very interesting. The picture is funny : “One Olympics, one dream”, which should be dated back to 2008.

Beijing is sillicon valley's only true competitor

I used to work with several Chinese companies. I had phone calls with them every night and morning to coach them for integrating our software into their hardware for several months. Their hard-working spirit is incomparable, even inhumane to many American companies.

There are several sentences in the article resonating well with me:

  1. “And it’s good for Silicon Valley to have a true competitor, because it sparks impulses on how to evolve to the next level.”
  2. And while I don’t think long hours are any measure of productivity, I was amazed by the enormous hunger and drive.
  3. The argument that Chinese entrepreneurs are mainly cloning Western startups is outdated.
  4. Beyond the “money mindset,” what Chinese startups lack the most is knowledge on how to run high-quality product development in parallel with rapid distribution growth — in other words, how to get both done at the same time.
  5. Let’s keep the inner Silicon Valley spirit alive, and be focused on creating awesome things out of almost nothing. That’s entrepreneurship. Let’s beware of getting perked out and distracted by stuff that doesn’t matter.