Collateral damage and perpetual foreigner

As a law-bidding citizen, we should be always careful of the government overreach, from every angle of our life. Freedom and liberty are not given for granted. If we do not keep vigilant, they will be taken away.

I wrote an article and joined rallies to support several Chinese Americans who were wrongly charged of espionage. Now CBS’s “60 minutes” shed a light on how these Chinese Americans were treated unfairly by the US Department of Justice. I wish Department of Justice will say sorry to them, compensate for their loss. I hope Prof. Xiaoxing Xi, Ms. Sherry Chen and others will forgive them and move on.

  • The CBS program can be viewed online at


From Committee of 100:

a) PRESS RELEASE: Committee of 100 Commends U.S. Justice Department for Greater Oversight on National Security Cases| April 28, 2016

b) Committee of 100 Commends CBS News and “60 Minutes” for Shining
Spotlight on Wrongful Prosecutions of Chinese Americans