QA with superintendent Dr. Foose at CES PTA meeting

I took some notes last night while attending our annual CES PTA meeting. If something was not correct, please let me know such that I can correct it.

Thanks for Xia and Daisy’s corrections.

CES PTA Meeting, QA with Superintendent Dr. Foose 5/10/16

1: World language (Spanish) is possible next year if money available. Otherwise, not possible. Passionate about second/third language.

2: Recommended elementary schooners will have homework for one-five hours per week. If exceeding 5 hours per work, parents should inform the principal.

  1. Some related flipped classroom question:  What is Flipped-classroom?

The flipped classroom is a pedagogical model in which the typical lecture and homework elements of a course are reversed. Short video lectures are viewed by students at home before the class session, while in-class time is devoted to exercises, projects, or discussions

Teacher is more just a facilitator. Students come for help when needed.  Rolled out last Sept. There is a learning curve for teachers.  Currently we have one in middle school, several flipped classrooms in River Hill High. Teachers need be innovative.

  1. Common core question. Teach students how to solve the problems differently. We are not grading the steps any more such that different approaches are encouraged. We are looking for answers. Old-style mathematics are not good any more.
  2. Chao Wu’s question related to textbook and syllabus. HCPSS is trying to encourage teacher to post Syllabus online such that parent can follow and have a bigger picture about what they kids are doing in school. We will see more online textbooks. US Dept. of Education and publishers are moving in this direction. Some courses will stay open to state wide to get more revenue, especially health course for high school students.

  3. Elementary school model. Asset model versus deficit model. Departmentalized model: one teacher focus one subject only which increases the depth of the course.  Tele-medicine, etc.  not expanding the model depending the budget.

  4. PE curriculum. Some consulting may be needed?. How the data (weight and height) is used? Collaborate with Horizon Foundation to understand, trending the health data to improve food health, reduce obesity etc. Not look at each individual student data.

This summer, anybody under 18 will get free food ??.

  1. Removed kindergarten dedicated para-teacher title, not the teacher. The title is gone. They can be assigned to a different grade when needed.  Not cut the resources for kindergarten. Para-teacher are assigned to schools. They should be able to move around different grades.
  • Ration for kindergarten kids/teacher seems high. 24:1 is the threshold. We have lower number in lower grade.

  • GT teacher/student ration question, only depending on the overall numbers. We are using new indicators (SMA gone away). We are using a new system/approach to identify more talents. GT Enrollment in CES is going down.

  • Regular rotation timeline for staff. Very particular for each school. Some principal asks to transfer. No particular timeline for this kind of staff change.  Try to make the decision for the school and community.

  • Special education. Why the county does not afford a specialized diploma for special education? State law requirements: only two diplomas.

  • Intelligent student with physical conditions. How to help them?  If you are not getting support from the school level, please elevate to higher school level and county level.

  • Calendar question. School before Labor Day? The later we start, the later we go. Political reason asking for later school start time. State controller Peter Franchot prefers it because of more tourism revenue.

  • One forgiveness day for high school students. State Department of Education is controlling this. Montgomery asked for two and was declined.We don’t need to try it at all.

  • School starting time.  15 minutes late start time schools (current 925AM) at CES. Maybe 15 minutes earlier and ending 15 minutes late.  Current starting time is too late for two working families. HCPSS is working on that. Some argues that kids need get out earlier in the afternoon because many extra curriculum activities so late end time is not good for them.  It is under consideration and will have result soon.

  • High school start time. Can it start later? It is difficult. Shared experiences from other county: Fairfax, Montgomery,

  • A) If we start later, somebody need start earlier.  Conversation in BOE: put high-school/elementary in the same bus, or some other combinations.

    B) It cost too much money. 30 million-dollar question.

    1. How to limit standardized test. State law require PARCC test. New tests (MAP) are adaptive which is better for kids. This assessment can see the growth annually. Use a different test for GT test/screen. She believes it is better.
    1. Chao’s last question: How to increase the lunch time for kids (only 15 minutes now)? She said it was too difficult. Seems impossible.

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    1. Jasmine Chan says:

      middle school student’s back pack are too heavy and it has great potential harm for still developing spinal health. Teachers are forcing students to carry heavy binders for each subject and not allow to pull out the old materials which are too controlling.

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