My 2106 HCPSS Calendar Survey

It takes less  than 2 minutes to finish the survey. I highlighted those places you need to finish.

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     Page 2:

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   Page 7: I added two sentences:

a) Either observe all or open all. b) Lunar New Year is not a religious holiday. It is a culture holiday.

FYI: Schools are closed on the following holidays:
Sept: Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur
November: two half days and a whole day before Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving, the day after Thanksgiving
December: Christmas Eve, Christmas
January: New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King day
February: President’s Day
March: Good Friday, Easter Monday
May: Memorial Day
The school system has been doing so much to accommodate our families with little hesitation. Now our demographics have been changed. When families ask to support a more diverse community by closing on the holidays we observe, we faced strong resistant. This is a soul searching moment for everyone in this community: what does diversity mean to you?



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    • Sean Li says:

      Thank you! I have completed the survey. I added another Cultural Days: Mid-Autumn Festival, Duanwu Festival (Dragon Boat Day), and Lantern Festival.

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