2016 Howard Chinese School Graduation

Today I attended 2016 Howard County Chinese School graduation at Marriotts Ridge high school. It took 320 weekends to sit in the classroom and learn something new for these young kids.  It is more than ten years dedication from our kids, while others may play football, or watch movies.

I am so proud of them. I find their Chinese is better than last year’s graduates.  I wish these thirty kids will remember today’s moment, their friends around, and their HoCo Chinese school time. I believe their perseverance learned during the years will be part of their life for future success.



I also helped to count the ballot for the board of director election. I am so excited that we have so many candidates who are willing to serve our community.

My daughter graduated from the kindergarten and will go into first year soon. I took a semester’s Yoga class which really helped me to reduce my back pain.