Dr. Ho Feng Shan, A Chinese diplomat saved thousands of Jewish people

During the World War II, a Chinese diplomat, Dr. Ho Feng Shan, saved thousands of Jews by issuing them visas to Shanghai. He was responsible for saving thousands of Jews in Nazi occupied Austria in 1938 and 1939 while no other country’s diplomat would do that. “Shanghai Ghetto” is a phrase for those dark, but inspiring stories for humanity.

I am wondering whether any of those Jewish people or their children now live in Howard County.  I would like to write a story on that.

Recently, I am thinking of writing some stories about Chinese Americans who have made an impact in the American society. Somebody recommended Dr. Ho Feng Shan to me.

Quote: Why was Feng Shan Ho willing to help the Jews of Austria when most others would not? His reason was simple: “I thought it only natural to feel compassion and to want to help. From the standpoint of humanity, that is the way it should be.” from http://isurvived.org/4Debates/Exhibit-RickshawORG/FengShanHo-bio-Eric.html

Ho Feng Shan: The ‘Chinese Schindler’ who saved thousands of Jews