Several issues in the school system

After my daughter’s first year, I began to get to know the public school system. There are several issues which need improvement in the future.

  1. Too late start time for the elementary school and too early for the high school.
    1. For elementary school, 8:30 will be fine. Current time is 9:25.
    2. For high school, 7:30 will be fine.  Current time is 7:00.
  2. It is a little short for the lunch time. It is very late for Grade-5 who are having lunch at 1:30.
    1. My suggestion is to have lunch in the class for certain grades. The main issue is there is no enough space in the cafeteria. So how about utilized the classroom for lunch? It is not healthy for children to have lunch so late. It affects their study efficiency too when they  are hungry.
  3. There are no recess time between classes.
    1. My suggestion is to have a 10-minute break between classes.   #HoCoCommunity

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