Discipline your kids until others do

Recently, CA received complains that there were teenagers or pre-teenagers in CA pools whose behavior were really bad. They were rude, aggressive and used profane language in the presence of members and guests, many of whom are children. In some cases, the language and behavior were directed at members and guests. Even some girls were harassed.

CA will take every means to protect our visitors and remove those teenagers, even report them to the police.  We want to maintain a safe and enjoyable environment for each visitor.  Please report any bad behavior to the staff by yourself or encourage your kids to do so.

Then I see a post related to destruction of property in Blandair Park on Oakland Mills Road at Independence Day.  Some people suspect those were done by teenagers again.

Last month, we had some vandalism in my street and no offenders have been caught yet.

I personally don’t like to put those teenagers in jail even the property damage is very large. Jail time is a no-turn-back gate for their life.  However, I do wish their parents know how to discipline their kids. Otherwise, others will do and they will pay a heavy price for their families.