Price Tag for Columbia Downtown Development

The following material was presented to CA board by Downtown Columbia Partnership last week.  Howard Hughes has 4 seats in the 7-seat board of this organization and is paying for its operation.

Besides $254.5 million infrastructure is needed, I believe there is an extra $470 million needed to support the growth of Downtown. Adding $170 for the TIF given to Howard Hughes, we need around 1 billion dollars at least.

Expected Downtown Columbia Infrastructure (from Downtown Columbia Partnership)
Infrastructure Price Tag
A new elementary school $30 million
A new fire station $30 million
A new library $40 million
A new arts center $20 million
Traffic Improvements $75 million
A new transit center $9.5
A new parking garage for MPP $50 million
total $254.5 million
TIF for Howard Hughes $170 million
What are missing( from my perspective. The number is pure estimation from my impression while reading HCPSS school budget some time ago. I did not double check it.)
Infrastructure Price Tag
Another elementary school $30 million
A new middle school $60 million
A new high school $180 million
A new hospital $200 million
Total $470 million


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When we talked about infrastructure, we are talking about those students have been staying in the trailer classroom for 20 years in Clarksville. Is that insane how community/government planning and budget process works?