CA board meeting summary 2016-10-27

Resident speakout:

  1. Bob Anantua talked about Columbia-Haitian Sister.
  2. Frank Rhoad, 7.5 miles away, still bothered by Merriweather Post Noise. He did not hear the noise until a local noise law was adapted several years ago.
  3. Russ Swatek, talked about Merriweather Post noise and he hoped CA board would support HCCA effort and sent a letter to MD legislative to reduce the noise level.

Presentation: Downtown development presentation from Howard Hughes Corporation., by VP Development Gregg Fichett. The metropolitan has been fully rented out. Under Construction buildings are named m.flat and TenM. He presented this to River Hill board some time ago.

Discussion: The Howard County Veterans Foundation was also looking at other locations besides the Lakefront Fountain.

Votes: The board discussed and approved the modified advisory committees.