Hypocrisy of George Washington University

I listened to this story from NPR and picked up this thread again.Whah, great, George Washington University is helping poor students by providing them free meals.

However, I feel this is a hypocrisy in our elite universities. Note: The sticker price for a year of tuition, room and board and related expenses is over $68,000. I believe many families just could not make such a big money after tax to support their children.

There are several hypocrisies here:

  1. So instead lowing their tuition, the university opened the so-called free food pantry.
  2. How about giving money directly to students who are poor? You don’t need a program to support such effort. You know which students are poor. Just deposit some money to those student cards biweekly or monthly using a computer program. This will reduce the overhead of such kind of effort. Surely , this may eliminate  their PR converge on how creative such program is.
  3. I believe some students may feel disfranchised by entering such food court.

The original story from George Washington University is: http://www.npr.org/2016/10/06/496911617/george-washington-university-opens-food-pantry-for-students