CA board meeting summary 2017-2-23

Resident speakout:

  1. Joel Hurewitz , speaking out against CA funding for Inner Arbor Trust.

Chairman remarks:

  1. March 9 work session, Kimco will be invited to talk about village center.
  2. March 23rd meeting, DPZ director will come and talk about the new zoning.
  3. March 19, grand take-off to celebrate 50 year anniversary.

Board meeting:

  1. The board approved annual charge rate of $0.68 of $100 and cap of 3.5 percent proposed of FY2018.
  2. The board approved the capital budget (around 17 million dollars)
  3. Inner Arbor Trust requested additional $41k dollars funding as an amendment, which was approved by 5-4. Although I don’t  like their funding request is delivered to the board, I voted for this amendment to give enough support for them and jump start their operation.  I will not support similar request from them in the future.
  4. The board voted to ask Inner Arbor Trust to have a quarterly report etc as an condition.
  5. The board approved the operating budget as amended above with 7-2. ( I voted for it)
  6. The board approved Turf Valley Resort’s $30k spending.
  7. The board approved the use of FY 15 Watershed Improvement Projects Capital Funds to Supplement Funds Approved for FY 13 Watershed Improvement Project RZ4. ( 9-1)