Inhumane and unbelievable of US visa application

I am trying to ask our elected officials to help with a visa application for a family whose son was brutally murmured in Bowie, Maryland. The victim’s family want to attended their son’s funeral and the US consular denied their visa application. Just read how the visa application was denied in five seconds, the process sometimes is inhumane and unbelievable wrong.

Our state senate Susan Lee called me back and offered to help. I really appreciate her effort.

Dear our elected Asian American Caucus,

(Their email is

We need your urgent help for a visa application.

There was a triple murder in Bowie, Maryland in January. The news is here:

I just heard that the victim’s family members of Mr. Jin Chen in China applied for visa to attend the funeral in Maryland and were denied the visa. They were thinking of applying for the visa again on this Friday (Feb 24) at the US consular at Guangzhou, China. It was reported that Chen’s family member was asked a question whether Mr. Chen was married.  After the family member replied with a “yes”, then the visa application was denied immediately. I just could not think of a situation like this. A visa to attend a family funeral in a terrible murder case was denied without any sound reasons.


Can any of you do something to help their family members to get a visa? You can write to the state department and the US consular at Guangzhou, China to express your support to grant a visa to Mr. Chen’s family member.  Such kind of letters usually help.

Thank you very much.

Dr. Chao Wu

A resident from Howard County, Maryland

2 thoughts on “Inhumane and unbelievable of US visa application

  1. Andrew says:

    I am sorry to hear the story. As you may know, certain reagions in China have produced tens of thousand of illegal immigrants, and they applied political asylum, such as forced family planning and other excuses to obtain PR, then come back and forth between China and the US. These patterns have caused alarms in US counselors. It is plausible that he had married and had a wife and several family members in the US. It is regretable that his extended family could not come, but the US counsulor could use his or her discretion to deny the visas.

  2. I just heard his parents’ second visa application to attend the son’s funeral were denied too. How devastating!

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