some scholarship opportunities

華府素友會(IOTA Chapter) 2017 年度華裔青年獎學金通告 – Community Info Share
獎學金項目(Scholarship Categories);Website:   
1. 科技獎學金 (Science/Technology Scholarship)          Appl. due: 2/28/2017;Project due: 3/25/2017
2.領導服務獎學金(Comm. Service/Leadership Scholar ship) Appl. due: 3/18/2017;Award notify: 4/21/2017
3. 升學輔助獎學金 ( Needed Base  Scholarship)                                 Appl. Due: 3/31/2017;Award notify: 4/15/2017 
4. 藝術獎學金(幼兒至 青少年- under 7 to high schoolers Drawing  and Painting  Art Scholarship);Appl. Due: 3/31/2017
5. 體育獎學金(Tennis and Golf Sport Scholarship) Appl. Due: 3/15/2017;Winner notify: 3/31/2017