Sherry Chen’s Fighting for Fairness and Justice

Sherry Chen’s Upcoming MSPB Hearing: Fighting for Fairness and Justice for Herself & the Community

WASHINGTON, March 2, 2017 /PR Newswire/ — The Merit Systems Protection Board will hold a public hearing on Sherry Chen’s appeal in the U.S. Court House, Cincinnati, Ohio on March 14-15.

Sherry Chen was an award-winning hydrologist at the National Weather Service.  For over a decade, she worked tirelessly on developing flood prediction models to save lives and properties throughout the Ohio Valley.  However, in 2014 her valuable work was halted when she was wrongfully charged by the government for spying for China.

The New York Times broke the story about Sherry Chen ( and its editorial board demanded an apology from the government.  CBS’s 60 Minutes broadcasted her and Professor Xiaoxing Xi’s story as “Collateral Damage” (  Congressional members, the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights and thousands of community organizations and individuals requested the Department of Justice to explain the pattern of investigating and prosecuting innocent Chinese American scientists.

Then government abruptly dropped Sherry Chen’s case without explanation, apparently due to lack of credible facts and criminal intent.  However, she was wrongfully terminated from her job by the Department of Commerce for the same unfounded justifications.

The Chinese Exclusion Act and the internment of Japanese Americans have been among the most racist and discriminatory actions against Asian Americans.  Targeting an individual and then finding a crime to fit devastates the person and the entire community, violating the civil liberties all Americans value.

Dr. Jeremy Wu, Trustee of the Sherry Chen Legal Defense Fund, commented, “we must heal these wounds by voicing our concerns and fighting for fairness and justice to protect innocent people.  To help Sherry Chen is to help ourselves.”

Sherry Chen is continuing her fight – for fairness and justice – not just for herself but also the future generations of Asian Americans.  Join this cause and support by

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About the Sherry Chen Legal Defense Fund
The Sherry Chen Legal Defense Fund was created in 2015 to receive donations and support Sherry Chen’s continuing fight to defend herself and seek fairness and justice for the broader community.  Visit to learn more.

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Jeremy Wu, Ph.D.
Trustee, Sherry Chen Legal Defense Fund