Update for 199 feet Grace Cell Tower

Tonight, we had representatives from Grace Company, Calvert Crossland and Cheaspeake Realty Partners(they are going to build around 180 houses near the cell tower, some houses will be 5 meters away from it.) at our River Hill Village board meeting.

The new solution is to move the proposed tower to the east side of Grace Building, 50-100 meters further away from residential area. They could not guarantee it ,but they are investigating this solution.

Note, the County Department of Planning and Zoning already approved their original site( just besides the old water tower) last week. So it is very nice of them to listen to our residents’ concerns and look for possible new solutions.

My old article on this topic is here: https://chaowu.org/2017/02/06/proposed-199-ft-monopole-tower-along-grace-drive-at-river-hill/