Denouncement of White Nationalist Poster in UMD

The accident happens unfortunately at UMD where I spent and enjoyed much time there. See the link and picture:

Maryland Chinese American Network (MD-CAN) Statement on University of Maryland White Nationalist Posters

March 21, 2017

Maryland Chinese American Network (MD-CAN), a nonpartisan, issue based community advocacy group denounces the content of the white nationalist posters found in University of Maryland at College Park campus on March 13, 2017.  It is against MD-CAN’s devotion to a diverse and inclusive Maryland.

We fully support President Wallace D. Loh’s statement on March 14 and University of Maryland Police Department’s diligent follow up action.  While understanding the freedom of speech right, we consider these posters offensive and abhorrent.

MD-CAN commits to working with the community in making sure students, including international students, feel safe and welcome on campus in State of Maryland and our great country, the United States of America.

2 thoughts on “Denouncement of White Nationalist Poster in UMD

  1. test says:

    The simplest solution is often the correct one. I think that this poster is fake and it was put there to further that false narrative that those of us who want laws enforced are racist. But don’t let me rain on your fake news party.

  2. TinaH says:

    Unfortunately, that horrible poster was no accident, it was most definitely an “on purpose.”

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