HoCo Board of Education Election reform from 2018

Some key changes to BOE election, starting from 2018 thanks to Scott Ewart for his timely update. His original post: https://scotteblog.com/2017/04/11/hb-1299-2017-passes-in-the-maryland-senate/

Right now all 7 members of the Howard County Board of Education are elected as “At-Large” by county wide vote.

Going forward:

In 2018: 4 seats are up for reelection. The two candidates that get the most votes will get 4 year terms. The candidates receiving the third and fourth most votes will get two year terms.

In 2020: 3 seats are up for reelection as well as two candidates from 2018 that received the third and fourth most votes (so 5 total seats). Each of these five seats will be elected by councilmanic districts in Howard County. Each winner of these seats will receive 4 year terms. Per the current legislation, each member is elected by county wide vote (this is what needs to be corrected before 2020 – each SHOULD be elected by district vote).

In 2022: Two seats are up for reelection. These are considered “At-Large” and both are elected by county wide vote.

In 2024: Five seats are up for reelection by councilmanic district.

OK…you get it now…that will be the rotation going forward…