CA board meeting summary 2017-05-11

I am starting to serve my second term on CA board, representing River Hill. All future CA board meetings will be streamed online in real time.

Resident speakout:

Russ Swatek: New Town Zoning is important. CA should weight in.  It is better to get the new zoning done with five experience council members since four of them will not be there next year. BOC happens quarterly in the new CA year.  What can CA do in Kittleman’s Long Reach “Village Green” ?

Brian England: new time zoning and governance issue..  The original comprehensive sketch plan was lost.  suggested to create a interim Columbia Planning Board since the county is not doing that. The interim solution is based on the 2007 and 2014 New Town recommendations. He would like CA to take up this issue now.

Joel Hurwitz: CA board now has half of woman board members. talked about Long Reach Village Plan

Nina Basu: New President of Inner Arbor Trust

Board Election:

  1. We elected Andy Stack as the board chair, and Dick Boulton as the vice chair as last year.
  2. I will continue sitting in the Risk and Management Committee.
  3. I will serve as board liaison to the International and Multiculture Advisory Committee.
  4. Gregg and Lin will be in the Inner Arbor Trust.

2017-2018 CA board meeting schedule:

2017-2018 CA board meeting