New Vision for Lakefront of Columbia

During last CA’s board meeting on May 25th,,  CA’s consultant Groundswell Design Group shared their idea about the Lakefront development. There would be an open connection between the lake and the mall.

Lakefront development p1

Lakefront development p2

Lakefront development p3

Lakefront development p4

The original document is attached here.  The file is too large to be put here. Please email me if you like a copy of it.

3 thoughts on “New Vision for Lakefront of Columbia

  1. Casey Wilkins says:

    All if this new construction is wonderful for the people of Howard County, affluent enough to enjoy this. However, when is Howard County going to really join the rest of Metropolitan Maryland and have a meaningful mass transit system? The one currently in place is an absolute joke. A bus, once an hour to the and from the hub, the Mall in Columbia. This does not facilitate the worker’s needed to populate the various businesses that do not pay enough for the worker to afford a vehicle, insurance, and gas. Please, the transit system needs to be more in line with the rest of Metropolitan Maryland.

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