APFO 101 Seminar on July 5th 2017

APFO is one of key issues for us. It has a strong connection to school redistricting. One expertt Brent Loveless will host an APFO 101 seminar. Please attend it.

Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance – covers all public facilities including schools, roads, water, sewer, library, police/fire departments.  

It has been 14 years since APFO was last reviewed.   At that time, school capacity was reduced from 120% down to the current 115%. 

With an amendment, this capacity could be brought down to 110% or lower.  

Prefiled legislation is posted here: 

CB61 https://apps.howardcountymd.go v/olis/LegislationDetail.aspx? LegislationID=2890

CB62 https://apps.howardcountymd.go v/olis/LegislationDetail.aspx? LegislationID=2891

We  are hosting an APFO 101 class at the Miller Library on July 5th at 6:30. 

Community members can learn more about the pending legislation and learn key point to assist in preparing testimony before the County Council.