CA board working meeting summary 2017-9-14

Resident speakout:

Several people talked about concerns related Lakefront Core Neighborhood Design. Joel Hurewitz proposed to put a library in front of the Lakefront. I really love this idea.

Budget inputs:

  1. Town Center Community Association proposed to build a playground in the Symphony Wood. CA has never provided any play areas for the Warfield neighborhood, which within a year will be adding an additional 650 units to the already existing 795 units at the Metropolitan. The Downtown Plan does not provide land for a playground except for the Promenade in front of the Metropolitan. The Town Center Community Association also requests that CA work with the Inner Arbor Trust to expedite the completion of a pathway to make Merriweather park at Symphony Woods accessible and user friendly asap. Further, tomorrow ( 9/16) 11:00-3:00PM, Wilde Lake Old-Fashioned Family Pinic welcomes you.
  2. Wilde Lake Community Association has a list of projects needing CA support.
  3. Oakland Mills Community Association also submitted their budget request. They wish the proposed neighborhood sign across CA will finish in 3 years, not in 10 years. I totally agree with them.
  4. Columbia Housing Center is requesting 200,000 for two years (total 400k. Their proposed annual budget is 600k) to promote integrated racial families move to Columbia. This is following 40 year Oak Park Regional Housing Center model outside of Chicago. They are actively looking for funding.

Board Discussion

The board discussed concerns with the Lakefront Core Neighborhood Design.