CA Board Meeting Summary of 2017-10-26

Resident Speakout:

  1. Tim L., talked about CA’s effort to reduce carbon footprint, great development in Long Reach Village, signing the Paris Agreement, possibly creating a CA Climate Advisory Committee.
  2. Joel Hurwitz, talked about signing the Paris Agreement.
  3. Richard D., talked about signing the Paris Agreement. CA needs get words out on our on this.

Columbia China Sister City Update

CA board members Dick Boulton and Alan Klein, together with the China Sister City Delegate returned with signing a MOU with our potential sister city- Liyang, China.

Meeting Agenda:

Discussion From The Department of Sports and Fitness

  1. JumpStart program to attract or retain membership
  2. Fitness on Demand
  3. Next level conditioning
  4. Outdoor Yoga at Steven’s Forest Pool and Haven
  5. Older Adult Classes… Aqua Fitness, Aqua Arthritis, Body Vive, Restorative/Gentle Yoga, Build your bones, LaBlast and more
  6. Small Group Training… Parkinson’s Punch, Fit Boxing, TRX-boxing, Kettlebells and more
  7. Exploring GymGo model
  8. Fir 3- year olds, Tennis Whizz training program
  9. 2018 Spring Monthly Skate Park competition

The Paris Agreement

The Columbia Association (“CA”) Board of Directors (the “Board’) voted unanimously to authorize the President/CEO to sign the “Open letter to the international community and parties to the Paris Agreement from U.S. state, local and business leaders” (the “Letter”), which is attached to this Resolution. The Board finds that the content of the Letter is in keeping with the accomplishment of CA’s purposes to respect the land and promote the welfare of the people of Columbia and its environs and with CA’s ongoing efforts to reduce its impact on the environment. Having made these findings, the Board hereby authorizes the President/CEO to sign the Letter on behalf of CA.

FY19-20 Budget Discussion

The board discussed FY19 and FY 20 Draft Capital Requests and did not approved it.

Allocation Formula

The board approved the new allocation formula and 3 year phase-in plan.

Contingency Fund

The board approved abandoning the contingency fund. The board approved distributing the money to villages ( each village gets 5%, CA gets 50%).

Reserve Cap

No decision now.