Draft APFO Amendments for Howard County

These amendments will be voted soon at the Howard County Council. Certain provisions will have a long term effect on how our county will develop in the future and how the school over-crowding issue will be solved.  So you can send your comments to the county council asap at councilmail@howardcountymd.gov to reach all council members.

2017 Draft APFO amendments

2017 Draft APFO amendments 2

The full document is shared from Stu Kohn at HCCA mailing list. The full document is attached here: 2017 Draft APFO Amendments

I am not sure how each amendment will be voted. It is very interesting or strange that Council District 5 Councilman Greg Fox did not provide any amendment at all.

The People’s Voice President Lisa Markovitz wrote an article on this: http://www.peoplesvoicellc.org/single-post/2017/10/21/Choosing-Insanity