Summary of 2018-1-18 CA Budget Public Forum

I am just capturing some key points from everybody who spoke that night.


  1. Town Center Village Association, Lynn Foehrkolb. They are requesting a playground in 2019-2020 year in the Symphony Woods. They want to work with Inner Arbor Trust to expedite the pathway there.
  2. Oakland Mill Village Association, Jonathon Edelson, They talked about contingency fund and assessment share causing issue to their village. They wanted a second-level restroom ,  replacement floor covering the Loft, dumbwaiter replacement, security system upgrade, replacement HAVC in the Loft, Assessible restroom in Talbott Springs neighborhood center, funding for a property standards evaluator and continuous ice rink improvement.
  3. King’s Contrivance, Briand Dunn, ( speak on be half of himself), support funding for Columbia Downtown Partnership and IAT.
  4. Howard County Economic Authority, Larry Twele, asking for continuous support on the Columbia Council of Arts and Columbia Downtown Partnership
  5. Howard County Pickleball Association , Joanne Grcisser . They have 150 members now, around 17 showed up in the meeting, 14 are CA members. They want share space with tennis court or concert some tennis court to pickleball court.
  6. Columbia Festival of Arts, Director, Dave  Phillips, Director, Susie, Board of Trustee,
  7. Howard County Citizen Association, JD Smith, Brian England (they were not representing HCCA board). They wanted CA to stop giving IAT more money until it proves it can raise substantial private funds., support Cy Paumier’s original plan (this is not HCCA board stand), enforce covenant at industrial and business area, connect business with safe side walk and pathway in Columbia.
  8. CA Aquatic Advisory Committee, Bill Santos, he stated 2013 study found no options for 50-meter indoor pool, supported a 25-yard indoor pool, either in Locust Park Pool or adjacent to the Dasher Green Pool. Feasibility study will cost 50,000.
  9. Columbia Downtown Partnership, Phillip Dodge, executive director. talked about thriving downtown and need support.
  10. CA Health and Fitness Advisory Committee, Jessica R., support Athletic Club renovation


11)  Karen Douglus, volunteer of Columbia Festival of Arts, found 200 volunteers for the event.

12 ) Jervis Dorton, against more money to IAT, like to serve in an advisory committee for IAT if such committee exists

13) Joel Hurewitz, a) the overpass bridget at Harper’s Choice should be repaired (cheaper) b) against money to IAT (IAT should be self financed now) and encouraged supporters donating the home at will c) Phase out money to Columbia Downtown Partnership, d) get more electric utility cars/trucks

14) Bill Woodstock ( left earlier)

15) Cy Paumier, promoting the original Symphony Woods Plan

16) Heidi Knott, Oakland Mill, supporting Oakland Mill board budget request. Older village need more repairs now.

17) Nina Basu, Inner Arbor Trust President and CEO, support investment/funding to IAT, festival of arts and downtown partnership, can build a playground if the money is there( cost  1 million dollars for 1 acer playground) , request funding for pathway and rain garden ( half a million dollar)

18) Deb Jung ( pronounced Young), talked about great downtown events, Athletic Club needs a social space, support IAT plan, and promoting leaf collecting service to CA resident.

2018 CA Budget Public Forum 3


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  1. JD Smith says:

    A slight correction: none of Brian or my testimony was cleared by the HCCA board of directors. Some of it would probably have been. Also, we requested no funding for IAT until it proves it can raise substantial private funds.

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