An overview of JumpStart Application Result

From HCPSS MPIA website, I obtained a copy of JumpStart Application Summary.  Looking at the application number, it seems the initiative is very successful and attracts enough students. Sure, there is still improvement to make: for example, Howard High still has 127% capacity.  The next important indicator will be how many students will take the program when it starts.

Here I am provide some basic overview:

jumpStart program summary 1.JPG

jumpStart program summary 2.JPG


jumpStart program summary 3.JPG

jumpStart program summary 4.JPG

jumpStart program summary 5.JPG

The full document can be downloaded at HCPSS website or here.Summary of Jump Start 011018.

Click to access COPY%20Jump%20Start%20011018.pdf

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  1. Dr. Chao Wu, 2018 BOE Candidate says:

    When the superintendent Dr. Martirano attended the Operating Budget Review Committee meeting this week, he said there were now 845 people. The school budgeted 1.2 million dollars for this JumpStart program.

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